Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Will Wells' Poem for Bella

Event Horizon
for Bella Ouziel, June 25, 2014
In Ohio, she told her children her arm
tattoo was a phone number that she must
not forget, concerned the truth would alarm
and confuse them.  If that betrayed their trust,
so be it; they’d learn her story soon enough.
At Auschwitz, her legs had led her to the trash
where sneering guards would congregate to laugh
as she would gobble rotten scraps they’d stashed.

Of her family from Thessalonica,
only she survived.  Seven decades
later, she’s at home in America.
But neither ink nor memory fades.
Today she whispers in a microphone
and dials that number so the names live on.

Monday, July 21, 2014

A Mandate for Holocaust Education: Surprising interviews with Penn State College Students

You may remember this video from our first day of the seminar. In case you are interested in showing this to students or fellow teachers, I have posted it here. An update to that story is the passage of a bill "recommending" ( not requiring) Holocaust education in Pennsylvania. It's a start.  Link to that story is here.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Pictures from our amazing week...

The pictures Casi took throughout the course of the week are currently uploading into our shared Resources folder (in Stuff We Add This Week), but, in the meantime, here are two of my favorites!

Enjoy the remainder of your summer "vacations!"