Saturday, June 28, 2014

By: Stephanie DeStephen
Stolen today
From my home
Because they say I am
 “life unworthy of life.”
I am too young to even read a book,
yet they say I am inferior, stupid,
so I do not get the chance to see my potential.
I won’t get the chance to go to school,
to live out my childhood days playing, laughing, loving.
I sit here on this bus,
the windows covered
because they are hiding what they are doing
behind closed doors,
yet what these Germans are doing
is permeating
throughout the culture.
 Since they say
I am “life unworthy of life,
I am tested on like a rat
And thrown out like the trash.
The summer wind in 1941,
Should be sweet
Much like the childhood years
Should be
For most children,
However, the wind whispers
A different fate for me,
For I am “life unworthy of life.”
In fact, the whole town of Berlin
Should smell the wind,
For it whispers in the ears of Germans
Of the genocide
They want to ignore.
The black smoke
Vomiting from the chimney
Spews out the remains
Of us they are ashamed of,
Because we are
Supposedly “life unworthy of life.”
They will never know
The future I was capable of.
I could have
Lived happily among them
Created a family of my own,
Had a fruitful career.
I wanted to teach children,
You see.
I wanted to teach them
As my sweet mother taught me.
To respect your elders,
To not hate,
To love your neighbor,
To respect God
And the Earth he created for us,
Yet they say I am “life unworthy of life.”
So today,
As the bus stops on the corner of
Tiergartenstrasse 4
What they refer to as T4,
It is to be my last stop.
The “science” of racism
Will end my young life,
Because they think I am inferior, stupid.
Because they say I am “life unworthy of life.”
After I am used up for their “science” experiments,
I will choke on the gas that stings my lungs
And kills me.
But I will die knowing
Regardless of what they say
That I am
Life Worthy of Life.
I will die knowing
So much more about how to
Live, laugh, and love
Than they do
Even though I cannot even read a book myself,
I know that we need to
Not hate,
That we need to think of all people
As Life Worthy of Life.
And I die hoping that
Will figure this out.
My young legacy
Exits the chimney today
Filling the world with a smoke
As dark as the shame
They will feel
When they realize
What they lost.

For I am Worthy.

Katie's Project


Please take a few moments to complete an evaluation of your week with us. The Board of the Memorial Library, our sponsor, is always eager to obtain participants' feedback, as are we.

Thank you for spending a week of your summer with us; we hope it was time well spent.

You can access the online evaluation here: 2014 Seminar Evaluation.

Here is the PROTOTYPE of my idea for using these ideas in my classroom.  It is not finished, which is obvious, but I haven't vetted the images or some of my commentary.  I will share the final when I am done with it.


"I can’t go back to yesterday- because I was a different person then." –Lewis Carroll

       I will no longer accept a single story. Our world, my school, my street, even my home does not share a single story. I will pursue curiosity, listen patiently, ask more. I will not pass on the single story.
       I will teach my students multiple stories. I will give them opportunities to hear and see stories they need to hear. I will help my students appreciate diversity, to know the power of stories similar and different to their own. I will help them understand the power of their voice and their story. I will use my voice to share the stories of those who can’t. I will help my colleagues recognize the importance of telling the right story and not the convenient story. I will help my peers understand more than a single story. 

The Khmer Rouge in Cambodia by: Vondra Hoop-Thompson

Debby's project 2014

Telling the story

Friday, June 27, 2014

Project - Christensen

Columbus Rwandan Survivors

Norah Bagirinka

Edouard Kayihura

Digital Story Examples from Past Summer Seminar Participants

If you are looking for some examples of what you can do with your digital story:

This is sample response from our 2013 Summer Seminar  Ginny Muse on Hate.

Another type of response from  our 2012 Summer Seminar Jeff Hanson with his response depicted through art. 

 This sample response is a  photo story to accompany our 2012 Summer Seminar participant's reading of the Holocaust story, The Shawl

And Chad Griffith's "movie trailer" to introduce Holocaust and Social Justice Unit.

Even more resources...

If you come across things you'd like to share, feel free to post them here!

Thursday, June 26, 2014


Please reply here with any reflections you would like to share with our learning community - our small group and the Memorial Library, and, possibly, the larger HEN community.

    2014 Holocaust and Social Justice Seminar Participants and Facilitators with Holocaust Survivor, Bella Ouizel

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Digital Link to Materials

Many folks prefer to store everything in the cloud, so here is a link to our shared GoogleDrive folder where you will find all the same resources as on the jump drive:

2014 HSJS GoogleDrive Folder 

Additionally, here are the links included in the appendix of your booklet:

Day 1

Schmidt, L. (2004). Classroom confidential: The 12 secrets of great teachers. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann.

                                                         ISBN: 0325006601
                                                   ISBN-13: 9780325006604

Day 2 –

Day 3